Facility access - Centenary Institute



The cytometry core has two laboratories: one at the Charles Perkins Centre, and one at the Centenary Institute. This page is for new, or existing users intending to use the Centenary Institute (CI) cytometry lab. For information regarding access to the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) cytometry lab, please click here.


Additional information on facility access can be found on the CI wiki.


Access cards

Users that are members of the CI can access the CI core using their issued access cards. Users who are not members of Centenary can access the instruments at the Centenary Institute once training has been complete, and approval granted through PPMS.

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1. Request a PPMS account

For new users, go to the Sydney Cytometry PPMS page, select 'Account creation request', and fill in your details. After an account has been created, you will also need to submit a biosafety approval request for your project. Step-by-step instructions for requesting an account and training via PPMS are available here - https://goo.gl/VJvoIp.

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In order to request training for a specific instrument in PPMS, select the 'Request' tab in PPMS. You can then select the relevant training type (e.g. CYTOMETRY- *General Training Request Form). Instruments cannot be booked or used until training has been completed.

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Once you have an active PPMS account, instruments you are approved to use (following training) can be booked using the Sydney Cytometry PPMS website under the 'Book' tab. Instrument availability can be seen, prior to instrument approval, under the 'Schedules' tab.