Consultation - Data analysis Session

We offer assistance in the analysis of high-dimensional cytometry dataset using a variety of computational tools, typically executed in R. We also offer assistance in cell segmentation and analysis of Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) data.

If you would like to book a time with a cytometry specialist to help you with your computational analysis, or to organise one-on-one training, use the booking tool below. Meetings where we provide advice or guidance are free of charge, but actual panel design work is billed per hour. Prices are described here.

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Data analysis services:

  • Compensation troubleshooting.

  • Gating strategies.

  • Discovery analysis using our CAPX workflow, which applies clustering (using FlowSOM) and dimensionality reduction (using tSNE/UMAP) to large datasets of tens of millions of cells.

  • Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) image analysis, cell segmentation, single-cell analysis.

Online resources:

We have protocols available for many of these tools, and are developing protocols for others. Facility users can access these protocols here, and visitors can access select protocols the here. A number of helpful scripts can be found at: For help with analysis using tSNE or similar tools, check out the computational analysis page. For help running scripts in R, see the tutorial on our scripts page.

4 hr session
(Data analysis)