Human Cell Atlas annual meeting - live streaming event at the Charles Perkins Centre (23 - 24 May 2019)

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The Human Cell Atlas (HCA)

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) project is an international endeavour to map every cell in the human body ( This effort is built upon the use of, among other techniques, single-cell RNA sequencing to measure every available transcript in each individual cell, providing a full phenotypic map from every organ in the body. As the cost of sequencing decreases, and single-cell throughput increases, this approach is an archetype of methodologies that are becoming more and more prevalent in single cell science. In addition to genomic approaches, the unique challenges raised by the HCA are driving developments in a wide range of suspension and spatial single cell technologies that are focused on the measurement of protein, including flow cytometry, spectral cytometry, mass cytometry, and tissue mass cytometry.


'CPC remote event' for the Human Cell Atlas annual meeting in Tokyo, 23 - 24 May

On Thursday May 23 and Friday May 24, the HCA is hosting their general assembly in Tokyo, Japan. The talks will cover progress for all the atlases that are underway, including the brain, lung, gut/colon, immune system, heart/vasculature, kidney, liver, kidney, development (embryonic), bone marrow, and model systems (mice etc).

As the talks from the HCA meeting are live-streamed on Youtube, Sydney Cytometry and the Biology Domain are hosting a 'remote site' event at the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) where interested parties can get together, watch the talks, and engage in our own social activities. The time difference from Tokyo to Sydney is only 1 hr at the time of the conference, so the majority of the conference will take place during normal working hours.


When: Thursday 23-May (approx. 9 am - 5 pm, with networking drinks at 5 pm) and Friday 24-May (approx. 9 am - 4 pm).

Location: L6 seminar room, Charles Perkins Centre (CPC), The University of Sydney.

Agenda: The Sydney Cytometry live stream program can be found below or here. The official agenda for this year's meeting can be found here.

Any questions: please email

You can also register with the HCA to be counted as a 'remote participant' of the meeting at this page.

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