High-Dimensional Technologies and Analytics - Consultation



High-dimensional flow and mass cytometry involves a number of specialised tasks, such as experiment design, panel design, basic data analysis, compensation troubleshooting, computational data analysis (data prep, clustering, dimensionality reduction, graphing etc), visualisation, and quantification. Because of the complex nature of these tasks, we provide protocols, guidance and consultation services where a high-dimensional cytometry specialist will help you with these tasks.

New project? This consultation page is most useful to you if you wish to book a a meeting or a specific service. If you want to start a new project with Sydney Cytometry, you can visit our project meeting request page. 


1. We provide internally developed protocols in panel design, basic analysis, and computational analysis protocols, allowing users to perform many of these tasks themselves.

For help with analysis using tSNE or similar tools, check out the computational analysis page. For help running scripts in R, see the tutorial on our scripts page. A number of helpful scripts can be found at: www.github.com/sydneycytometry.

*Registered users only. Visitors can access select protocols the here.


2. In addition to our protocols, we offer regular basic and advanced training sessions to groups of users, to enable them to perform these tasks themselves, and a small fee is charged for training sessions.

Basic and advanced training options are charged at a group rate ($30 per person per hour at internal academic rates (University of Sydney or Centenary Institute academic users), $60 per person per hour at external academic rates, and $90 per person per hour at external commercial rates).


3. You can request a consultant to meet with you to provide advice or guidance on approaches to a particular experiment, technology, or analysis approach.

Meetings such as this (rather than meetings where actual lab/instrument or analysis work is performed) are provided free of charge.


4. Request specialist training or assistance. You can request a consult to perform certain tasks for (or with you), or recieve specialist one-on-one training. Such services/training include:

  • Troubleshooting compensation

  • Developing and applying gating strategies.

  • Discovery analysis using our CAPX workflow, which applies clustering (using FlowSOM) and dimensionality reduction (using tSNE/UMAP) to large datasets of tens of millions of cells.

  • Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) image analysis, cell segmentation, single-cell analysis.

Services or on-demand training is charged per hour ($50 per hour at internal academic rates (University of Sydney or Centenary Institute academic users), $100 per hour at external academic rates, and $150 per hour at external commercial rates). To book a consult, see below.