Seminar series 2019

The Sydney Cytometry facility runs regular seminars throughout the year. Basic or advanced training sessions (flow cytometry training, FlowJo analysis training, etc) are also available.

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Introduction to Sydney Cytometry 2019

Time: Monday 25 March 2019, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Location: L6 seminar room, Charles Perkins Centre
Registration: not required

For those new to cytometry (or those seeking an update), this is an excellent seminar to attend. This will be the first of monthly seminars run by the Cytometry Core (alternating between Centenary and CPC).

Topics we will (try to) cover:

  • Introduction to the Sydney Cytometry facility

  • How flow cytometry works

  • Instrumentation and applications: flow cytometry, imaging flow cytometry, mass cytometry, imaging mass cytometry

  • Sydney cytometry resources: website, new wiki, PPMS

  • Current and advanced projects within the core facility

  • Training offered

  • Advanced topics seminar series



Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Registration: not required

Content: We'll be providing an overview of panel design approaches for building high-quality panels of any size, up to 27-colours. 

Why single cells analysis? What are the challenges? Building better panels:

  • Experimental question and hypothesis

  • Instrumentation

  • Reagent selection and characterization

  • Cellular targets

  • Combining antibodies with fluorophores

  • Titration and testing

More information can be found in our paper on panel design.



Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Registration: not required

  • Introduction to cytometry data analysis

  • Understanding the nature of cytometry data

  • FlowJo — manual gating and population identification

  • Metrics in cytometry

  • Advanced analysis — computational approaches (SPADE, tSNE, FlowSOM)

  • Image analysis (for imaging mass cytometry)

  • How to run advanced analysis

  • What you need to know for publications