Spectral cytometery

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In 2018 we added a Cytek ‘Aurora’ spectral cytometer to our core. Rather than using one detector per fluorophore, the Aurora measures the fluorophore emission across the entire spectrum. This allows for the separation of highly overlapping dyes, that would normally be measured in the same detector (e.g. AF647 and APC).

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Cytek Aurora

Overview: 3-laser, 38 detector spectral analyser
Lasers/detecotors: 405 nm violet (16 detectors), 488 nm blue (14 detectors), 638 nm red (8 detectors). Full instrument configuration (for registered users) can be found here.
Capabilities: spectral unmixing allows for the separation of dyes that are typically measured using the same optical filters (e.g. separation of APC and AF647).
Biosafety: the Aurora is contained within a Biosafety Cabinet Class II (BSC-II). Pending biosafety approval and appropriate training, some unfixed and potentially biohazardous samples may be allowed to be run on the Aurora. This is helpful for assays that required live cells, such as some cell cycle or apoptosis assays.
Usage prices: can be found here.

To request training on the Aurora click here (registered users). To get started with Sydney Cytometry, please click here.