Training options

The Sydney Cytometry core offers training for a range of instruments, assays, and software. To request specific training, go to this link and select the type of training you are interested in. Prices for training are listed here under 'General'.

Please note, instruments cannot be booked until biosafety approval has been granted (see step 1) and specific instrument training has been completed.  Please see this link for a complete set of steps to get started with Sydney Cytometry.



We provide training for operating instruments within Sydney Cytometry including:

  • Flow cytometers,
  • Image cytometers,
  • Mass cytometers,
  • Microscopes,
  • and the autoMACS.

You can request general flow training for a number of the instruments here:

For training on microscopes, the AutoMacs, ImageStream, or the Pathway, or other options you can visit the PPMS REQUEST PAGE. Prices for training are listed here under 'General'.



We provide training for operating our mass cytometry systems, including the: HELIOS (suspension mass cytometry) and HYPERION (imaging mass cytometry).

The HELIOS is our suspension mass cytometry system, for analysing suspension of single cells with over 40 parameters per cell. You can request HELIOS training below.

The HYPERION is our imaging mass cytometry (IMC) system, or analysing tissue sections with up to/over 40 parameters. You can request HYPERION training below.

If you are interested in getting started with mass cytometry, you can request a new project meeting here:

Prices for training are listed here under 'General'.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 10.22.23 AM.png


We provide training for various kinds of analysis software, including FlowJo. You can request FlowJo specific training here:

We run regular FlowJo training sessions: once a month, subject to sufficient interest. They are split into two streams: FlowJo basics and FlowJo intermediate analysis. After completing the training request, you will be assigned to once of these training streams.

Prices for training are listed here under 'General'.

Some suggestions for learning how to use FlowJo can be found here.



We provide training for using various kinds of computational analysis tools, such as:

  • Spanning-tree Progression Analysis of Density-normalized Events (SPADE)
  • Flow Self-Organising Maps (FlowSOM)
  • Visualisation of t-distributed stochastic neighbour embedding (viSNE/tSNE)
  • Development trajectory analysis (Wanderlust)
  • Data manipulation in R

You can request training here:

Training sessions are run regularily, subject to sufficient interest. Prices for training are listed here under 'General'.

We have protocols available for many of these tools, and are developing protocols for others. You can request access to these protocols at this link. A number of helpful scripts can be found at: